St. Agnes Hot Lunch Program
For the 2010/11 school year, lunch will be prepared by the Meat Shoppe in Gering and delivered to our lunchroom. 

Student cost is $2.40 per day.  We encourage you to purchase by the week, however you may purchase by the month if you wish.

Students have the choice of eating hot lunch or bringing a sack lunch.  Since it is a federally funded lunch program, students are not allowed to bring fast food or soft drinks to the gym.  For students bringing a sack lunch milk may be purchased separately for .30.  Parents are welcome to come and eat with their children. However, this year because we have to order meals to be delivered, parents will need to call the school by 8:15 AM in order to be served a hot lunch.  Cost for adults is 2.40 per lunch.

Please remember that all families must volunteer to help serve lunch at least 6 times throughout the year.  If this is impossible for you because of work or family schedules, please call Ms. Gerdau and other arrangements will be made.

April 2011 Lunch Menu