1.  Get involved - Become an active member of the Home and School Association (the St. Agnes School parent and teacher group.)  This group are the spirit makers of the school - they are instrumental in coordinating many volunteer activities, planning family and school events, and spearheading fundraisers.

2.  Volunteer - We cannot exist without our volunteers...room mothers, classroom aides, office help, Cash for Trash program, drivers, etc.

3.  Support our Fundraisers - Fundraising is a very important part of our school.  It helps to keep tuition down while promoting community spirit.  Our main fundraisers are the Penny Carnival and 100 Club Lottery and the Foundation Premiere Event.  Please help make them a success.

4.  Join a Committee -If you are interested in communications, technology, faith formation, family activities, fundraising, or grant writing, we have a committee that could use your help.

5.  Become a board member - We need board members to serve on the Home and School Association and the Advisory Council.

6.  Make an donation -

7.  Share your time and talent - 

8.  Share your ideas - 

9.  Be supportive - We all want St. Agnes School to be the best it can be and working together as a team we can accomplish great things!
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Ways you can make a difference at St. Agnes School